Big boost of 72 users new users the last 24 hours (Usually its about 10 users a day here). Not sure how long it will last but I want to welcome you all. Feel free to message me anytime if you have questions or just want to chat.

For those of you curious of the source it is most likely coming from the drama regarding the Indian judge and Twitter. He was wrongfully banned there and made a public statement about moving to mastodon. Several people followed in his footsteps in protest.

I'd imagine most of us here probably left under similar circumstances, fear of abusive moderation.




Slight correction. He is an eminent Lawyer and not judge. Also, the bird site was found heading by a RW person as their India head. They violated their own policy and provided "Verified" account to people connected with terrorism and scams while eminent artists were turned down. No actions were taken against bigots inspite of extreme filth.

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