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Horrifying images from JNU — the place I know & remember was one for fierce debates & opinions but never violence. I unequivocally condemn the events of today. This govt, regardless of what has been said the past few weeks, wants universities to be safe spaces for all students.

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Amazing invertebrates

arthropods, mollusks, annelids, Ramnath, Bobde etc.

Aap Chronology ko samjhiye-

They decided

what will you eat
in which language you'll speak
what dress you'll wear

Now - what you'll speak

Next - where you'll stay.

Remember that joke?

A serene and beautiful place, and you are been asked to stay there without internet for 6 months?

Yeah, Kashmiris know the pain.

When life gives you Sharad...

ask for Pawar, Yadav or even Saxena.

Don't ask for Bobde.

Sanjay Gandhi's birthday.

The name reminds me how Kishore Kumar was non pliable.

Kishore Kumar, a man with spine that invertebrates of Bollywood secretly are indebted to.

Is banking lending growth , that was in weakest place this October, in last few years, has improved ?

Situation of Government Finance improved ?

No rate cut by RBI's monetary policy committer.

Merchandise export dipped in Oct '19. Improved ?

What are the priorities ?

Thanks to His Excellency, I was able to read following who were once my favorite-

Paresh Rawal
Anupam Kher
Amir Khan
Lata Mangeskar
Babul Supriyo
Rajyavardhan Rathore
P V Sindhu
Saina Nehwal
Rishi Kapoor
Saurav Ganguly
and now
Mary Kom.

Dear North east,

Remember Mary Kom voted for CAB.

Dear Andhra , remember if other countries reject Hindus and mass exodus happen, remember YSRC & TDP voted for CAB.

Dear Tamilians, when your heart bleed for Srilankan Tamils, remember ADMK supported exclusion of Tamils.

Dear Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, each time your brethren die feom low level arms support via Nepal, remember your BJP, JDU MPs supported CAB.

Meanwhile Ranchi High Court granted bail to accused in Tabrez Ansari lynching case.

People really think the question from the industrialist was actually not staged?

After all those interviews where we saw questions and answers were staged!

And then we say , we are not fools!

All those who believe it was inpromptu - are.


"Anu Dubey.
Now the whole machinery will be after you.

Stay safe girl."

~Spineless citizen.

Is there an attempt to punish only 1 of 4 ? And what's next ? Garlanding remaining three ?

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