@3goodthings 1) The power is back on today 2) Pleasant walk with dog & T 3) Much laughter watching squirrel try to get out of “squirrel proof” feeder he had no problem getting into

I like it here. Much less negative than that other place 😊

@3goodthings 1) Piano lesson was really difficult but so rewarding 🎹 2) I got a gold ⭐️! 3) Wine order arrived 🍷

@3goodthings 1) Vet says dog’s allergies are getting under control 2) Arranged coffee with friend next week 3) Revisiting music I’ve not heard for years

@3goodthings 1) Baked potato for dinner 2) Birdsong 3) Lawn full of wildflowers

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@3goodthings 1) Petrichor 2) Dog snores mean she feels safe 3) Realised I can stand up for myself if I need to

@3goodthings 1) Found another author whose books I can binge read 2) Juvenile pheasants at the feeders 3) Pleasant walk with dog

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Just because they are planning on eating you last doesn't mean they aren't planning on eating you too.

Roe is the beginning, not the end. Nobody is safe from what's coming, not even the MAGA-hats.

@3goodthings 1) Little lie in today 2) Painkillers working 3) Message from friend

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Please be there for women and trans men right now esp the ones residing in the red states. They need us more than ever.
We’re so so sorry. :-(
We stand by all of you. 🌈🏳️‍⚧️💗

@3goodthings 1) I made more lemonade 2) The TV has an “off” mode 3) This too shall pass

1) got a star for my chords from piano teacher 2) builders turned up 3) gentle breeze

@3goodthings 1) Kir before dinner 2) Remembered to put the bin out 3) No bills in the post

1) Purple poppies in the garden that we didn’t plant 2) Watching swallows 3) Pianoing

@3goodthings 1) Made lemonade 🍋 2) Met friend on dog walk so walked together 3) No cooking required for tonight’s meal

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The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone.

—Robin Williams

@3goodthings It cooled down for the dog’s walk 2) Remembered I’d bought cream cakes for a treat 3) Soot sprites (baby moorhens) on the pond

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