'how can one be a woman & not be a feminist?'
/#history: i'm giving you a retinaful of snarly-soft-smarty, debbie harry, who was born in 1945. although she made her debut in miami, she's more strongly identified with the big apple.
her adoptive parents were from new jersey, you see, so she grew up there & escaped to NYC in 1965. you all know her musical history & the contributions she made to pop (arguably including the first female rap as well as a shimmery risk of a disco single that proved to be a timeless crossover hit), but did you know that she's not afraid of the f-word? to wit, she wonders, 'how can one be a woman & not be a feminist?' debbie's heart isn't made of glass. it's forged from purest gold. in 2014, she was instrumental in having a new york city carriage driver's license revoked. she wrote an impassioned plea to council members imploring them to retire all carriage horses to sanctuaries. she's also an unabashed cat lady.

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