An absolutely mighty list of free online audio lessons in Te Reo Māori if you're into that sort of thing, and why wouldn't you be. Kia kaha te reo Māori. #TeReoMāori

I’m listening to the weekend sound of my neighbourhood: kids in the street, someone’s playing drums, neighbours chatting. Thinking about small communities, pros and cons. We take care of each other: everyone drives into this street slowly because we have many little ones who might be playing in the road. But we also surveil and gossip. Our street is in a town of 6000. Today at the store I was served by a girl I knew when she was 5 years old. In small communities (workplaces, instances) care becomes conformity very quickly. It’s a delicate balance.

Slowly I’m peeling apart the two accounts, to think about education and working futures (here) and climate and communities (there). It feels like this might make sense. Let’s see. Randomly, my dad was an identical twin. He and his brother called each other Bill. Many wartime letters survive, in identical writing, “dear Bill, love Bill”. He died young and his brother lived on alone for another fifty years, into his nineties.

Thinking a bit about serendipities in public places. When we put ourselves in places where we could meet a good stranger, we balance risks. Be available, don’t be foolish. Know your surroundings. Know what you’re looking out for. Know the privileges that underwrite your freedom to choose your own adventure. Sit and watch. Listen.

Strongly recommend @Saywhatnathan and his blog on attributing Indigenous cultural knowledge properly

Last day of classes for the semester has me COMPLETELY wiped out. I got a couple of good responses to yesterday's missives and just haven't replied to them because I have no bandwidth to do so.

Just know I see all you sweet people, and I appreciate you.

After some haphazard days of switching between two accounts I can see that these two selves (old self/new self) live in quite different worlds and act differently as a result. Both are in big instances, so there isn’t a thematic community in either. But this is really a thought that while so many people are trying to explain why all this is not Twitter, it’s really not one thing either — that’s why it’s not Twitter. We make our selves with others, and we make small worlds around each self. Doing it over and now existing twice has taught me a lot.

"I think that once we start to see the world as gifts from more-than-human relatives, then it brings us to gratitude for the gifts of the land. And my hope[...]is that, as we give gratitude to the land, [we could] also shape our lives so that we live in such a way that the land might be grateful for us."

— Robin Wall Kimmerer, member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and professor of environmental biology at SUNY-ESF

#quote #ecology #ethnobotany #indigenous

Hello friends and colleagues, please consider donating to help your server admin keep the lights on. Seriously, this isn’t a bunch of billionaires building rockets to reestablish indentured servitude in space, or whatever M is up to. For us to enjoy this hospitality is a real cost in servers and labour.

I 'could' upgrade de servers once more.. That way we guaranteed stability but, if I where to do that the total costs for all my Fedi services servers would exceed ~€640 something per mont :amaze:​ The only way I can do this if we can at least ~€400 per month donated :amaze:​ Otherwise I'm gonna risk my home etc... if that goes bad all is gone so that's no option 😟

For those who do wanna join still for let's say 1000 chars instead of 500 or some additional but small extra features

What’s different?

Here is an invite link so you won't have to ask or search!

There are more instances out there who run Glitch-soc though!

Another thing in the long list of forgotten things I love about coming home to mastodon: individuals making it work, not billionaires figuring out how to monetise attention. So many servers run by so many volunteers with skills. I don’t have those skills. I fell into this server by accident, and I’m really appreciative of @stux, so it feels like time to contribute. This is how we get to have nice things.

An important note 💙

Alt-text is really important to the mastodon community and helps make our corner of the internet more accessible

there are a lot of people who won’t boost posts with images missing alt-text, and I prefer to do the same

if you’re having trouble forming the habit, alt-text reminder bot @PleaseCaption is a wonderful resource for help :]

New people can mean new learning curves, but I hope people will take the time to add descriptions to their images. Thanks!

Now practising moving between Twitter and here to get a feel. Making sense of listening scales. It’s like popping your head out into a gale, then coming back inside. Noise v sounds.

"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

The trouble is most of my interests aren't easily hashtagged, or they're pretty unique around these parts. But I'll try anyway:


So, waking up to friends arriving. As I was walking last night I thought about how quickly Twitter turned community into platform/audience, and persuaded all that follower count is better when bigger. This is quite a toxic way to treat fellow humans. Staying small and quiet and listening well is what mastodon supports, partly by being federated. Whether academics—chronic self-promoters as we are required to be—can adjust to this is worth a wonder.

So this is a return, and there are more people turning up around here, so let me be plain about what I liked about Mastodon when I was here four years ago and what I hope emerges here now.

Mastodon forced me to write and reflect, much more than the other (corporate) microblogging platforms pushed me to. My offerings in those spaces were (and honestly, are) far less intentional, and far more scattershot. My writing in Mastodon was far more deliberate.

Continuing thoughts on things I’d forgotten that I like here. All the art. I like the art. It’s been so nice bustling between two accounts like a bird with two nests, two views.

A re . I joined mastodon in 2016, and was very happy here till 2019 when I drifted. Now I'm back, remembering how to do things. Although I can't access the original account I've been reading it like an archive of who I was back when. It was a tough MH period for our family, and I look back at what I was writing about and think: you made it. I teach, I write, I walk on beaches, I collect small stories, and I do storytelling work for our local hospital system.

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