I know, I haven't been asked, but I feel some of you might have this question in your head: Why I'm a Lore Simp? Why do I unironically look for the relative nothingness that is lore on ?

Well, beyond my own genuine personal curiosity and interest to check out some cool lore and see it develop canonically within their respective VTubers, I believe in a greater importance for it. As much as I'm not against VTubers sharing many parallells to their IRL actors/actresses, I believe lore development is very important to drive attention to the characters they should portray instead of who they are IRL. A common reason cited as being why people want to become VTubers is the anonymity factor, and that sort of character development acts as a shield to reinforce it, not just for themselves but for the VTuber scene at large!

· · Web · 2 · 1 · 3 lore is just to get more gullible lonely guys to empty their paycheck on donations

@Stellar Oof! You mean as sort of a starting hook rather than a concurrent thing? I mean, if it isn't the latter, the VTuber scene can get endangered, and it honestly already is from the many recommendations I got on YouTube from the IRL identities of many VTubers. I pretty much want that to stop happening.

@katakislives That's a pretty well thought out response, I'm not gonna lie. It feels great to see people appreciate the character that Vtubers create for themselves, and the lore that follows after.

@Stormy Thanks for your comments!

So far, lore still seems to be pretty unimportant for most VTubers, but I'm following a few in development that might change the game! I won't mention which for privacy sake, but I hope they don't end with their identities leaked in a YouTube video I end up getting recommended in my feed like I unfortunately get from most VTubers. I really hate when that happens 😑

@katakislives It's nice to hear that newer VTubers are placing more emphasis on a backstory for themselves rather than just using it as a set piece. ^^

@Stormy Agreed! And the more this solidifies, the more they protect themselves as a community and as a scene!

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