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I know, I haven't been asked, but I feel some of you might have this question in your head: Why I'm a Lore Simp? Why do I unironically look for the relative nothingness that is lore on ?

Well, beyond my own genuine personal curiosity and interest to check out some cool lore and see it develop canonically within their respective VTubers, I believe in a greater importance for it. As much as I'm not against VTubers sharing many parallells to their IRL actors/actresses, I believe lore development is very important to drive attention to the characters they should portray instead of who they are IRL. A common reason cited as being why people want to become VTubers is the anonymity factor, and that sort of character development acts as a shield to reinforce it, not just for themselves but for the VTuber scene at large!

@katka Yeah and "poggers" is when you do something that is Play of the Game worthy

POG is actually short for "play of the game"

if there is metroid is there also youtroid
im not that smol really. stealing phones is less about height and more about being good at distractions or being sneaky quiet :tlapkaOk:

i'm training to install free open source os on phones?

Ran Yakumo, and find someone while eating large variety of the basketball team.

I just tried on my laptop with . I'm going to be honest right away: I'm impressed! Really impressed!

I was kind of fearing for the worst to happen, like people happen to do with , but my gameplay experience was really very smooth! The input lag was barely there, if not invisible, the graphics were of a pretty impressive quality and I can't stop fathoming how good it looks on 1080p!

I can confidently say that my anxiety of needing to buy a budget gamer laptop can rest a somewhat good while. If I get a job, I'm definitely going to consider paying for a monthly subscription, instead!

@ocean I have some important news to tell you! >u<

nVidia GeForce Now has just debuted in my region, and this might be my chance to play Fortnite! :D

Boy, oh, boy! For this second day of going to the , it surely was a tough day! I thought I could handle the most basic interval program of the elliptic bicycle, plus an Arm Blaster exercise impulser or whatever it's called in English like I could back when I not-so-often went to the gym. I was dead wrong! At minute 9 I stopped and felt a bit shaky.

But I'm sure things will be better tomorrow!

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