Aww, that sucks! Hopefully you can install emoji using the traffic lights ​:nkoLul:​

Read our latest update about the Freedom Ladder campaign, and how we plan to create introductory free software resources that keep people moving forward on their journey to freedom.

Maybe this is just my post-surgery regime, but beyond the fact that I'm feeling tired, I'm feeling kinda overdosed on new VTubers. Is that normal? Cuz' I'm kinda worried that I might be harming myself for following too many...

Anyone recalls the days when mobile gaming was something where you had games to buy and just play?

When you're such a renewed lore simp that you've followed so many channels and joined so many servers that you start regretting that you won't have time when you nail down your schedule where you have limited interactivity time with VTubers in general...

"ok zuthua you need ONE xbox controller to use with your Xbox"


I'll also make sure to fortify my Google account's security and disabling as much profiling from it as possible.

If anything, I'm returning to /e/OS, should @murena be successful in convincing companies to sell devices with it (and a locked bootloader) in Chile.

I hope that happens, cuz privacy is a fundamental human right and I don't believe we have to ditch smartphones as a whole to achieve it!

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So... I'm back on MIUI, and chances are that I'm at most switching to a Motorola device.

However, I still stand in that my fight for privacy is NOT over. I'll be installing the DuckDuckGo app and enabling app tracking protection, even if it doesn't do as much as I wish it could do. And I'm still buying a PinePhone as a secondary device when I get a job!

Really great idea: create new NFTs that sell for 0.00 max price that are just downloaded JPGS of other NFTs people paid for

So like someone on Twitter who has the NFT profile pic thing. You can just exactly copy them
This would be so funny

Heyo, peeps! I'm back from having retired my last wisdom tooth!

I'm finally ready to look forward to getting my teeth aligned uwu

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