Are you in ? Join us on Wednesday for the premiere. Contemporary dance, music, scent, exhibition - it’s going to be amazing. Just a few tickets left!

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“Colonialism is not satisfied merely with holding a people in its grip and emptying the native's brain of all form and content. By a kind of perverted logic, it turns to the past of the people, and distorts, disfigures and destroys it.” ~ Frantz Fanon

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Wir müssen unbedingt unsere maroden Atomkraftwerke weiter laufen lassen, damit uns nicht der Strom für die essentiellen Lebensbedürfnisse ausgeht - zum Beispiel Projektoren, die in menschenleeren U-Bahn-Stationen die "Twitter Top 5" an die Wände werfen.

(Foto: @kernpanik | Lizenz: gemeinfrei/CC-0)

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US Military Bought Mass Monitoring Tool That Includes Internet Browsing, Email Data

The “Augury” platform includes highly sensitive network data that Team Cymru, a private company, is selling to the military. “It’s everything. There’s nothing else to capture except the smell of electricity,” one cybersecurity expert said.

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Unser 🏕️Camp am Invalidenpark steht und wir freuen uns riesig auf die nächsten Tage. Eine ökologische und soziale Revolution ist möglich. ✊🏼Auch Bock drauf? Dann mach mit, Jetzt. Wer, wenn nicht wir.✊🏼

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We premiered a new work at Ars Electronica this weekend. Here’s Ouroboros - the chaos that encircles a world of human-imposed order. The artwork contextualises new bioplastic materials in a post-extractive aesthetic juxtaposed with extraction. By me and Fara Peluso through a STARTS residency “Repairing the Present” cc @Curator

I’ll be on the radio today - Deutschland Funk Kultur show Kompressor live from Ars Electronica at 2pm CET

Carbon Echoes Trilogy installed at Ars Electronica is a trilogy of my works from the last 2 years that take a more-than-human perspective on human entanglement with carbon as we face a . Here’s a sneak peek. cc @Curator

Dark matter and lithium water: 15 big issues poised to affect oceans and coastlines

hey does anyone have a recommendation of the best microphone to amplify a bosun's call? it's a kind of loud whistle.

I’ll be performing This Land is Not Mine at Ars Electronica Festival in ,

7th September at 4pm, Festival University Stage

In this 45 minute , I play my 7 track album about the region of , famous for and home of the . The album tells stories of characters in Lusatia as the mines close down. The rivers, the cities, lost villages all have a voice in the compositions.

I do hope you can join me!

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How often are you in the #Fediverse?
Please boost or share!

For anyone who doesn’t know how awesome it is, @joplinapp is incredible and has helped me organise everything from data collection to installation tech riders all the way to the humble but complicated to-do list. Works across platforms, with photos, notes and lists, excellent usability. Thank you Joplin!

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If you're starting a brand new account on a Fediverse server, it's not a good idea to post lots of content before you have followers.

The only people who can see your posts on the Fediverse are those on your server, those on other servers which have at least one person following you, or those who see your post shared.

If you post all your best content up front on a brand new account with no followers, no one outside your server will be able to see it. Even if they follow you later, the posts you made before that will not be visible to them, because Fedi platforms don't backfill old posts on accounts you follow.

It's much better to gradually add content as your follower numbers grow.

You only need one follower from a server in order for everyone on that server to see your post. Even if you only have a dozen followers, that's up to 12 other servers that can see what you post.

(Sorry for repost, I phrased original post really badly!)

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