skate lesson log: some much-needed endorphins tonight. lots of backwards practice, then a four-person backwards train, choo choo! Also: I've been turning in a non-ideal direction, so need to practice pivoting on my worse foot

Also discovered the secret to cycling in a long skirt: tuck the hem into the waist, turn it into a miniskirt 😁

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Skate lesson log: clockwise backwards crossovers, yeaaaaah! Plus: learning a valuable lesson about trying to do Little Man with a long skirt on, haha.

I have never loved myself more than right now, when upon looking in the freezer after cycling home from skating tonight, I discovered I'd bought salted caramel magnums

Happy solstice! Longest day of the year, or longest night for some. Hope it's a good one :)

S2E06 (Pod Whisperer). A "previously on" segment! It's for last season's finale (better late than never?) and relays way more info than this episode actually needed. This one's a romp on the surface, with Hel channelling Xena, and Cleo and Sarge in a ship. The end!

One of the branches from my dragon fruit plant has collapsed under its own weight and partly snapped, and while I think it won't survive on the vine, it'd take root as a cutting perfectly. Do any mutuals want it (or part of it; 30cm would be plenty) (free, I can cover postage)?

If I go to another Punchdrunk, I'll make sure I'm more familiar with the source material. I still got lots out of it, and the opening areas tell you particularly salient information, but being able to identify chars without poring thru shared spreadsheets and wikis would be nice!

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Had dreams of The Burnt City last night, so spent some time after waking up actually writing down what I remember from the performance yesterday. How it's going: I have a section called "other bits I can't place temporally" 😂

Wish I hadn't forgotten my earplugs though, some passengers need to learn to use their indoor voices.

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I travelled light to London today to avoid needing to check a bag for The Burnt City, so bought a novella to read on the Kindle app on my phone. I read all but the last page of it on the train journeys. Quite a good system, might do that again.'s The Burnt City was very good, and since there wasn't a chance to applause I feel like I should do so here! Amazing job from all involved. Three hours disappeared so quickly; could've spent days there!
I also got to ride the Liz Line there and back, as a bonus :)

Boy 1: X has a crush on my mum.
Boy 2: *everyone* has a crush on your mum!
Boy 3: You're a lucky boy!

First time skating outdoors this evening, along the railway and lakeside in beautiful weather with!

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Why did nobody tell me about Consent-O-Matic? It's a browser extension that automatically clicks on GDPR consent dialogs to indicate that you do not consent to your data being shared. Available for all major browsers.

I could do this all evening.
(Reusing the knuk tats code for now, final thing will be a lot more boring)

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🛼👩‍🎓🗒️: Really got the hang of backwards now, I feel like I could probably give it a go in a disco session at this point. We practised pairing again, and I got to lead tonight, that was fun!

Button now has two-way USB communication with laptop (and a proof of concept case). The LED is a bit dim, but maybe we can figure something out.

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