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"Heir to the Listless"

For those who don't know my work in the Homestuck fandom, this is a good introduction what I'm "about" - my take on June Egbert coming out, including a lot of my own hilarious experiences with depression and gender issues I wasn't aware of until far later than I would've liked.

It's also some of my best writing.

Fellow Austin TX folks - please be aware that APD is super trigger happy with those rubber bullets. They were firing into the crowd for being sprayed with some water again last night.

Wear ballistic eyepro if you're protesting - those things can easily blind you.

Austin Police Department responded to unarmed protestors who started an nonviolent protest after midnight at APD HQ by firing rubber bullets into the crowd after someone threw some water on them and a plastic water bottle hit a cop on the helmet.

This is the shit they do.

jade roxy
constructing elaborate fantasies and then desperately pretending everything's fine when reality doesn't measure up

For the month of June, a friend is running a tag to focus on works featuring June Egbert.

This is a teaser for a piece that will be posted Monday morning - it's currently sitting in my AO3 drafts and waiting. It's basically done, aside from proofreading.

just heard about the hs site and i fucking hate corporations so much its not a fucking joke

If you enjoyed Befriendus and crave more sweet, sweet Dancestors content, I humbly suggest my ongoing fic "Plasticine Soul"!

It's a cyberpunk AU featuring the Dancestors in a Beforus/Alternia mashup world.

There's lots of intrigue, betrayal, emotion, and character development to be had! Also, some neat CSS effects to add visual flair!

Submission are open for the first volume of The Essential Worker! I think it’s something a lot of people here in Sunbeam would be interested in, go check us out at the link:

The first minute of the next episode of my Alabaster Bible podcast!

More info and the first episode can be found via:

this only looks stupid 8ecause you haven't seen how i left the other guy!!!!!!!! #vrisrezi #homestuck #homestuck2

remember this june i drew. i still love the colors

*deep breath*
*yells, projects voice AND self*

anyway this art got 300 likes on twitter so i wanted to go back to it for a bit

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