Am I bad for using favourite like a "like" even though I know that's not the purpose? I feel the need to go "yup, me too" without necessarily sharing every toot

@Amberharlow jelly
Very jealous tbh. I'm on of low carb diet and nachos are right out. But I loooooove them. Sad 😥😜

I did a lot of early dev on status net and laconia which aparently is called gnu social now. It was a whole thing but the culture on this tooooot thing is nicer.

@craftygardennz I've been pudding in the garden today as well. Last weeding before winter. Clearing out chicken poop into the compost bins etc

I have the opportunity to develop a digital lit curriculum for people being released from incarceration, some of whom have done over 20 years in prison.

This has the potential to have huge positive impacts on their lives; they need to know how to attach a resumé to an email, and how to avoid scammers, among many many other basic skills we all take for granted.

Please if you have any input I would appreciate it because I am not omnipotent and can't think of everything.

Please boost this!

@craftygardennz @Br3nda is are you finding it? I've often wondered how effective solar would be in Dunedin

@simplicitarian not only will that not get you a block, that will get you a follow =) I love bird photos. And Ōtepōti 😍

I think that's what starts the misery that leads to people seeking shitty conspiracists solutions


1% of people own 68% of the wealth in Aotearoa.

Urgent measures need to be taken to decrease this chasm of inequality. Tax the rich, and use the money to invest in our public services: healthcare, housing, public transport and infrastructure. We'll all benefit from it.



Parts of Pakistan are over
122 ℉/ 50 ℃ right now. Let me break it down;
Our bodies maintain an average 97-99.5 ℉ temperature in heat and cold. When the outside environment gets so hot that your body can not sweat to maintain equilibrium it starts going into shock


Anyone got any recommendations for alternatives to Nescafe Espresso instant?
I don't like Moccona or Jeds instant

@Finz @violet_noise I've liked what I've heard from Alien Weaponry, but I haven't heard that much. Gojira is probably my favourite metal band. @violet_noise : how about you?

@fatboy what makes you think people haven't moved off FB? I was using Twitter because FB was so toxic. At least Twitter did some moderation.
I'm using Mastodon because I want a service free from billionaire control. The stuff about Musk has just made me think about it a little more

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