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Here's how to get your toots unlisted automatically (web version)

*Sorry for using global and local timeline

Setting/Pengaturan > Others/Lainnya > Private Post/Privasi Postingan > pilih unlisted, yg kedua dah pokoknya mah.

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Just to make it clear

Spam is everything that interrupts the information flow at Mastodon.

So, if you do any of this things, is considered SPAM:

- Posting too much at the public/local timelines.
- Posting things with no context, like lyrics, words, pictures with no information.
- Repeated things, like I'm seeing a lot of "follback" or something like that.

Guys, this is Stux's life, he depends of donations, he doesn't have family support and yet, he keeps an amazing job here!

Help him.

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