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Taysa Jorge (Spanish, b. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, based Canary Islands, Spain) - 1: Untitled, 2020 2: Discovering, 2020 3: Live, 2019 4: Untitled, 2020, Photography

The thing we can never really fathom about WW1 is the scale - the scale of people involved, the scale of death, even the scale of technology employed. This photo helps to bridge that gap - it shows a pile of empty shell cases from a single British bombardment of Hill 60 in 1916.

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Things to remember:
Tomorrow is a new day.
Making mistakes is part of life.
You donโ€™t have to be happy all the time.
Saying NO is okay.
Not everyone has to like you.
Beauty and strength come from within.

"You are nothing but days. Whenever a day passes away, apart of you passes away too." - David Mundis

Unknown Artist - One Mad Kitty!, Vintage French Postcard, c. 1910

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