The cat at the fountain. Italy, 2011. Photographer Mirko Perrone

My indoor cats watching the birds raiding the outdoor cats' food bowl; powerless to do anything because of a screen door.

This would be groundbreaking if it is found to be at least as good as other male contraceptives.

Testicle Bath Contraception Wins James Dyson Award For Engineering.

William Shatner pointing a phaser at Jeff Bezos. Has Shatner discovered that Jeff Bezos is a reptilian alien creature as many suspect?

Unconfirmed sources claim William Shatner carried a phaser, set to stun, in case the capsule encountered any Klingons

I watched a decent, if a bit uneven, movie adaptation of a Stephen King story called Secret Window on Amazon Prime. The movie is worth watching for the outstanding performances given by Johnny Depp and John Turturro.

Cat does not respect boundaries. Sleeping face is a boundary. Cat does not care. Cat does not respect he who feeds it.

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