Every state/city that has eased COV2 lock downs is experiencing a surge in infections.

What does that tell us about a virus that evolved to exploit human nature?

((shake shake)) You can ((shake) never drink ((shake shake shaking)) too much coffee (tremble shake drool)) :eyes_opposite: ๐Ÿ˜œ :skull_cross: :rickhey:

Ok, I get it. It's school holidays. To all the infected southerners and their little rats that swarmed to my small coastal town can you please fuck off back to the cities you come from..


People can blame leaders and governments for the failures, but ultimately it is the individuals who choose not to socially-isolate that spread the virus.

SARS-COV-2 has evolved to exploit human behavior. To beat it, humans must change their habits and customs


I wonder if millenial generation would be so care free if this pandemic attacked the youth and not the frail and elderly, as was the case in 1918?

1918 Pandemic had a kill rate of 2.5% Covid-19 has a kill rate of 4.6% in the USA. Most victims were under 40 years of age.

Advances in medicine have eventuated to nothing. The only control of -19 is social isolation. A vaccine is a pipe dream and expecting the public to "come together and do the right thing" is a fantasy

My friend from Rome told me he spent 70 days of hell caring for his elderly mother after survived on a ventilator.

He had to carry her in his arms. It was weeks before she could even walk. While telling his story he broke down.

Back in the land of plenty, millenials are partying like it's 1999, spreading the plague without a care in the world.. "after all, it only effects older people.." is what they say

Wow.. how rich is this?

Over and over I'm reading how hard the pandemic is on youth, yet it's the seniors who are suffering and dying from infection while police are being called to break up big house parties of drunken youth?

To all the southerners trying to escape your southern plague by flooding the Northern border, well, we don't want you here.. so kindly fuck off

Shit a brick! Is there a greater evil on earth than tic toc?

First sign of trouble, they go for the toilet paper

Good morning Fediversians . May the ripples of joy propagate your happy space :ms_pentacle:

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