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Hi Meow! :stux_boop: Join the social network created by @stux You will love it, the best alternative to facebook!

90% of Instagram photos are edited. It's like two kilos of makeup from filter to filter

Kupido estis manĝita de kato. Mi vidis ĝin.

Today, I heard a small pop, my computer died on the spot. :0171:

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Hoy le petó la patata a mi ordenador, y murió en el acto. :0171:

The new server bill has arrived! 💸

If you like you can support the community on or ! :patreon: or by sending Bitcoin, Ether or Stellar!

We do not serve ads, track or sell your data. Every little bits helps a lot ❤️

Mm, I'm thinking of creating my own instance on But, I'm still not sure about it, if it will work. 🤔

How handsome I am, and what a little ass I have! On the first date. :gatopiensa:

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