Hand tool brand opinions, go. I need to shop for a screwdriver set.

Spent a bunch of today trying to clean up the goblin bunker

Kubernetes? Containers? Microservices? That's great, I'll be outside

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I've settled into a phase where I cannot give a single shit about anything to do with computers, which is great news for the pile of projects that have been sitting in my garage for the last five years.

My favorite Linux command is ls because sometimes I worry about where my files are and then I type ls and it shows me they're right there :)

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What is your favorite Linux command

I wish people talked about Linux more on this website

The main thing that's kept me from getting into amateur radio is the assumption that I want to communicate with anyone

Every time I try to dip my toes back into the Rust waters the syntax just completely overwhelms me

*sobbing* you can't just call every merkle tree a blockchain

I'm so happy that the new nerd deflection is saying something "looks like blockchain" if you want to dismiss it outright without thinking about it too much

Maybe I'll sit down this weekend and read over some of this webfinger & DID stuff. Mastodon's lack of actual decentralized identity is one of my pet peeves.

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I wonder how much legs has with jack gone from Twitter? It'd be a shame if it turned into another diaspora

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not going to lie, I think the mastodon UX around content warnings should just be those BOSS WARNING screens from shmups

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Today we learned that Google Cloud IAM conditionals only support a limited amount of Google Cloud services :))))

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when I was younger I would have been so eager to publish every scrap of code I write; now it feels kind of calming to assume it's all going to be thrown away

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