In an interesting turn of fate, if Meta means "dead" in Hebrew, you might argue that Facebook is therefore "the Book of the Dead" - following the Egyptian text of the same name. If you were not aware, the various instances of the "Book of the Dead" are essentially spell books.

So... if Facebook is a spell book, might we refer to it by the same name as the spell book in the 1970s UK children's TV show "Chorlton and the Wheelies" - "Claptrap von Spilldebeans" :)

I'm torn between which Mastodon server(s) to concentrate on. Do people tend to use one, or many ?

The one where I draw a line in the sand and begin paying it both forwards and backwards to those sharing snippets of their life through the profoundly parasitical world of blogs.

Dropping back into Mastodon after quite some time away. New broom sweeps clean, and all that. I wonder what the best way is to find interesting people to follow ?

Just looked in on Twitter for a little entertainment, and see that Trump is having another tantrum - following one of his tweets being tagged for factually incorrect content. Please excuse me while I go grab some popcorn :)

Why does Twitter let Donald Trump post any slanderous made-up rubbish he wants, but bans others for far, far less ? I guess if you attract traffic, you have a very different (read:no) rule book. Also - what happened to the defamation laws ?

While busy inventing things to fill my day with - coffee, bullet journal, twitter, instagram, wordpress, more coffee - I realised this is the life that influencers aspire to.

Is it really bad that I check Flipboard to see what Trump did overnight in the US - purely for entertainment purposes ?

Wonderful surprise from my other half this morning - coffee delivered to our doorstep by a local guy that has setup a service from the back of his van - usually found in the local railway station car-park every morning, now taking internet bookings, and delivering hot coffee to doorsteps - brewed on the end of your driveway :)

Events of the morning have brought into focus just what is important. While toilet paper, food, clean water, and a functioning democratic goverment are obviously important, if the internet connection drops out, well that's a different thing entirely...

Staying away from Facebook for the next few days. PM has just announced draft plans to return the country to a "new normal", and a lot of people are losing their shit.

I had never heard of until this morning. I'm a bit of a luddite with security - I hate using 1Password at work too - because all it does is create ONE password to rule them all, which is ridiculously weak.

One more thing - have been using Firefox as a browser for personal use for several years now. Since the Quantum upgrade, I personally think it's been by far the best browser out there.

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It should come as no surprise that all of the laptops in our house are running either Chrome OS, or Elementary OS (an Ubuntu derivative). Low footprint, low RAM requirement, and greasy fast. If all you typically need is a browser, Elementary OS is a no-brainer.

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Today's task - re-install a laptop for one of my other half's co-workers. HP Stream, with 32Gb non-upgradeable SSD. It started with Windows 7 or 8 and was upgraded to Windows 10 - which left no drive space. A format and re-install will recover about 10Gb of free space. Windows really is shockingly bad at leaving junk behind.

Interesting - seems to be gaining momentum - does this mean in a post COVID19 world, federated social networks could be a more viable future ?

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