Congratulations and huge respect for everyone who made this happen!!
I sincerely hope organizations in other EU countries will act to see this ruling applied locally. @bitsoffreedom

So what phone did you install Linux on Wolfgang?
Very interested, I'm also in the device-selection phase in preparation for the switch to

Aggravates me to no end that even promoting websites like linuxfoundation.org are full of trackers, in this case Google Fonts, Google API's, Google tagmanager and LinkedIn and a few other dubious 3rd party sites.

Is it really that difficult to use de readily available Open Source API's and analytics??
Practice what you preach @LinuxFoundationEurope!!

"Any man who would trade liberty for security deserves neither." - Benjamin Franklin

@kuketzblog @rufposten
Um maximal Strom zu sparen bedenke das eine analoge (mechanische) Zeitschaltuhr selber mehr Strom verbraucht als eine moderne digitale. (ist ja ein Elektromotor drin um die ganze Mechanik an zu treiben)

@gnarly_parker I'm not sure if I'm following you here w.r.t. the tribe thing.
Modern desktop environments (KDE,Gnome) have a primary app for software management. (called Software, Discover or whatever) and i.m.o that's a good thing for the normalization and standardization of the desktop.

Would be much more annoying if every vendor/distribution would give it their own name, especially when simultaneously trying to force the user into their app store (like Elementary)

@gnarly_parker Not to mention at least 3 console commands to manage software....
But that's both the advantage and disadvantage of open systems that grow 'uncontrolled'.
The advantages far outweigh the negatives in my opinion, but I also agree that distributions should make more effort to simplify these things.
But we've come a loooong way since I first started using Linux in the early '90s

That's the question!
Here in The we have a government that does not trust it's populace and so 'justifies' new shredding legislation (and a few political scandals) in recent years.

And apparently the majority of the people don't care, as there is hardly any public discourse regarding / and for most political party's it's not even a topic unfortunately.

@maartje Spontaneously started following your train journey though the area I spent most of my youth. (Zuid-Limburg) Loving it!

@digitalcourage @kuketzblog Großen Respekt für was Ihr da macht!!
Wünschte nur das es hier in Holland eine genau so proaktive privat -schutz Organisation gab, (Looking at you @bitsoffreedom) denn unsere Bahn App ist genau so infiziert....

@SylvieLorxu Another reason why FOSS app stores (like F-Droid) are so important. Not only for increased & , but also to circumvent like this.

@imeonahann I don't think you're quite up to speed regarding Linux:
a) partitions CAN mount automatically (like I explained) but don't have to (for security reasons maybe)
b) properly configured Unix/Linux systems use separate filesystems for /, /dev, /var, /tmp & /home to optimize security and data-flexibility/portability.

🇳🇱​ toestanden in democratisch - Belastingdienst geniet strafrechtelijke immuniteit!

Er is iets structureel fout met de rechtsstaat als overheidsinstellingen en diens ambtenaren feitelijk onschendbaar zijn.
Onacceptabel, zeker gezien de catastrofale schade die is aangericht!


@imeonahann To have it mount automatically you need to specify the partition and it's mount point in /etc/fstab

@paulkater It depends on your usage scenario. If you want a secure wallet for your Bitcoins or easy TOTP generation, than a Yubikey is the way to go. For 'simple' login/digital signing a smartcard reader is fine.

@paulkater I use a USB Smartcard reader for secure login, signing/encrypting emails & documents etc.
Less functionality than a Yubikey as a smartcard does not provide writable storage, but cheaper.

@sharinggoodmoments It's far worse than just banking, here in The you'll soon require an Apple or Google device (and account with those US company's ) to be able to login/identify to government services or health-insurance. Bye

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