Don't you think it's an ironic and bad case in point that your website uses Amazon Web Services?

@Mara @johnno Hi there, we are not using AWS to host our website. We use a Kubernetes cluster from Scaleway ( to host the site.

The request that you are probably referring to are from our live chat tool (the bubble in the right bottom corner) Userlike. This is also a company based in the EU, but they use the CDN of AWS, to only deliver their static files (JS, CSS). The API is hosted on Hetzner. We are already in the process of contacting them about this issue.

@european_alternatives @Mara
Appreciate your reply!
Your homepage loads a script from
Even though this is AWS instance is located in the EU, this still contradicts your "Support local businesses" and "Data protection / GDPR" mission statements. (not to mention doing business with a company with seriously flawed ethical standards as Amazon)

Hope you correct this in due time.

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