Don't you think it's an ironic and bad case in point that your european-alternatives.eu/ website uses Amazon Web Services?

Study shows: ⚠️​Users' email addresses are exfiltrated to tracking, marketing and analytics domains before form submission and before giving consent⚠️​

Dubious behavior shows total disrespect for users' privacy and need for regulation and enforcement.


Just upgraded to Fedora36 KDE without any issues 👍​
Thanks to the team for their awesome work!

sat24.com (weather info) fell off the DNS face of the earth this afternoon. Only Google DNS ( returns an address
Preferred providers like Cloudflare, Quad9 and freedns all return a blank answer section in DNS query.

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Good morning! As usual, I wish you all a great day! :blobfoxheartcute: :blobfoxcofe: :ablobfoxbongo:

Big hugs to everyone who needs it. :blobfoxreach:

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