Good evening, if this toot appear on your global timeline, and you're an English roleplay, please kindly reply and let's be friends!

@jisugn thanks, Jisungie. Let's praying nobody on 127 will steal my hoodie. :blobcatcowboy:

@joehnny it’s great to see you around as well, Johnny! anyway, good evening and how’s your day so far?

@wowwh whoa such a honor to meet you here hyung. My day was quite good, thankfully. How about yours?

@joehnny no. 💗 but hol’ onㅡ why is this so adorable ?! which emoji did you use ?! i also want cute catto emoji ! 🥺

@joehnny but i on’t wanna use that app. :( so i’ll stay with my . . emoji keyboard - less app. < / 3

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