@INTLPals trying my luck here. The name is Johnny Suh and I'm in a mission to collect my members and also new friends! Worry not, I don't bite!

@tiheon hello Jiheon, thank you for the compliment. But I think you're cuter tho?🤔

@yoona oh, Yoona noona! It's such a pleasure to meet you here.. since.. I'm a big fan of yours too. Let's be friend!

@joehnny oh really? It's nice to see you here too! I'm taking your offer happily ㅋ

@yoona let's pray we can roleplay happily here since you know— twt is.. duh. Good morning anyway, noona!

@joehnny [ I've llst 8 accounts so far and I miss playing on that fat blue app.... sighs. ]

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