Sorry for being silent for so long.
It is just --

I have nothing to say.

@pzmyers My absolute favourite creation myth is George Spencer-Browns "The Laws of Form". Beautiful and poetic. And true.

This is concerning: A new paid-for coding tool by Microsoft ( makes suggestions based onharvested OpenSource (GPL) code. You pay for implicit GPL infringement.

A notable FOSS body is leaving GitHub, and "we must urge all FOSS developers to leave GitHub as soon as they can." (

@barbara Immer mal kalt duschen hilft auch. Oder Badewanne mit kaltem Wasser füllen und sich immer mal dort heinlegen.

Art is not a mirror, but a hammer. It doesn't reflect, it shapes.

Here are some Russian-Ukrainian-war themed NFTs by Ukrainian artist Nadya Polevich:


T-Shirt ausziehen, unter den Wasserhahn halten, gut auswringen, wieder anziehen.

Ist erstmal etwas ungewohnt, funktioniert aber perfekt. Und es ist erstaunlich, wie schnell die Dinger wieder trocken sind. is fixed -- I removed the button, and put a show-hide-password button in there instead.

Fixed -- I removed the button, and put a show-hide-password button in there instead.

Sorry again!

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Please don't use the new copy-to-clipboard button!

Sorry -- I just noticed that the copy-to-clipboard button only works offline. In the online version the browser blocks it. Please don't use it until this is fixed.

Läßt sich diese Rechtschreibreform eigentlich wieder rückgängig machen? just got updated:

The phassphrase is now hidden, general info has moved to the top, and there's a copy-to-clipboard button (useful on phones).

Comments welcome.

@kathimmel Interesting. I just read that, apart from the Iron Front in 1932, the Jewish Labour Bund in Poland also used the arrows. So, what's the club about?

@voltur And there I was, thinking the browser wars were a thing of the past.

@robo The amount of features is probably not the only reason to choose your tools. Personally, my choice for OpenSource software has always been political.

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