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This is concerning: A new paid-for coding tool by Microsoft ( makes suggestions based onharvested OpenSource (GPL) code. You pay for implicit GPL infringement.

A notable FOSS body is leaving GitHub, and "we must urge all FOSS developers to leave GitHub as soon as they can." (

Art is not a mirror, but a hammer. It doesn't reflect, it shapes.

Here are some Russian-Ukrainian-war themed NFTs by Ukrainian artist Nadya Polevich: is fixed -- I removed the button, and put a show-hide-password button in there instead.

Fixed -- I removed the button, and put a show-hide-password button in there instead.

Sorry again!

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Please don't use the new copy-to-clipboard button!

Sorry -- I just noticed that the copy-to-clipboard button only works offline. In the online version the browser blocks it. Please don't use it until this is fixed.

Läßt sich diese Rechtschreibreform eigentlich wieder rückgängig machen? just got updated:

The phassphrase is now hidden, general info has moved to the top, and there's a copy-to-clipboard button (useful on phones).

Comments welcome.

Today is Kant's birthday. A voice like his is missing these days.

For those who don't know him: Hermann Kant was a German author and socialist. He's best know for his novel "Der Aufenthalt", describing his experiences as a prisoner of war in the Second World War.

In 1989 we published the GNU #GPL. It is at the core of software freedom and it protects users' rights to run, copy, modify, and share. Read more about free software licensing

Sagt mal, wenn Olaf jetzt wegen dem Nazivergleich zurücktritt, dann wird doch Annalena Kanzlerin, oder?

I really want to emphasize again that technologies like banner exchanges, webrings, blogrolls and links pages didn't die off because people just stopped using them - they were, and are, a good idea and a great, low- or no-cost way for small hobby websites and communities to find each other and form connections.

They didn't fall out of favour because of changing times. They were deliberately hobbled or bought up and killed off by power-seeking corporations, because they were hard to monetize.

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@astefanowitsch Sorry, forget the question, I wasn't thinking.

A→C does obviously not follow from A→B and B→C, because B could be a homonym while A and C are not (at least if we only demand A and B to have the same meaning, and B and C, but B may have different meanings in A→B vs. B→C).

Example: consider the English word "Jaw".
"Jaw" (English) → "Kiefer" (German)" → "Pino" (Spanish).
But "Jaw" (English) is not "Pino" (Spanish), because "Kiefer" (German) is a homonym. And this doesn't even involve cases where a concept exists in only one language.

On the other hand, if we do demand the same meaning for B in both cases the whold thing is trivial.

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Wir haben doch nichts zu verbergen, oder?* Ich nicht, die @tazgetroete auch nicht. Frage mich also, warum #FuturZwei diesen Artikel so lange in seiner Printausgabe verborgen gehalten hat:

"Ich habe nichts zu verbergen - Warum digitale Gerechtigkeit nicht von einem individuellen, sondern von einem kollektiven Datenbewusstsein lebt."

2622. Angular Diameter Turnaround 

title text: Thank you to Katie Mack for teaching me about this effect, and to Janelle Shane for describing redshifts as 'like galaxies sinking into a pool of dilute blood,' which is how I'll see them from now on.


roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

@astefanowitsch I'm curious — would you know an answer to this question, or could you point me to anything related I could read?

If a word A in language X has the same meaning as another word B in language Y, then B is a translation of A. Let's say C (in a third language Z) is a translation of B. Does this imply that C is also a translation of A into Z?

(Related: do we have a definition of "B is a translation of A"? And, in a linguistic context, is there a commonly accepted definition of "meaning"? I suppose something involving "context"?)

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