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I am moving from @MightyOwlbear to this account, @HauntedOwlbear.

Let's see how this follow importing thing goes.

Someone else with my name I guess accidentally loaded their content to the autogenerated “topic” channel on YouTube that is affiliated with me (not sure how this works, Distrokid handles this) so I now have non industrial non metal associated with me. Not sure if that’s worse for me or my doppelgänger

i can’t decide which angelfloof to pick. My quest ends here

the first hour to two hours of Shadowlands are excruciating, but then it seems to pick up. However, my main and co-main are either just done or still going through the excruciating part. womp womp

I’m a few days late but the new KMFDM slays

Ok Shadowlands started slow but is starting to pick up and ngl actually has me interested now

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I know @jessicakelly
has sent me a good track when I can immediatley hear the bass line that's missing and I just need to figure out how to play it.

She has a lot of good tracks.

#music #bassguitar #metal #bandcamp

It's been a hell of week, and now it's cold out and I'm wearing my Heathcliff ™️ hoodie and playing WoW. Life is good~

oh right, i got a new gaming laptop. and a gaming mouse. and a gaming keyboard. and a gaming headset. oops

It’s 430a and I’m up like a slippy goose

I started playing WoW again. I’m not that bright

it's been a morning, no alliteration today friends

New KMFDM has dropped, this is not a drill.

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