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I've still got codes for my newest release on BandCamp. Reply to this if you want one. All I ask is if that you actually listen, and you like it, let me know and let a friend know.

trying to get twitter to help me start that blood feud with Mustaine kind of night

Am sending off Blood and Blackouts for distribution to streaming services as we speak. I’ll let y’all know when it goes live. In the meantime, BandCamp.

Gonna try and start a blood feud with Dave Mustaine someday

I know everyone is on the B&B train of mine, but I wanted to ~~advertise~~ share my industrial / electronic remix child as well.

Auntie J needs to repair her car, so consider listening to and throwing a buck at it if you like it. Or you can steal it. I’m fine if you steal it. ;)

Since the godkids didn’t want pancakes, I didn’t get pancakes, and now I’m a very sad person

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manually changing everything to lowercase to sound more casual

the godkids want McDonalds over pancakes and I have never been so offended in my life

I had to power cycle the mf 10 times or so to get the last update to apply correctly lol

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ok it's time to play the 'will this update brick my steam deck like the last one did before God got involved' game

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My neighbor dude is doing like 20 mph in a riding lawnmower and cut his entire yard in two cigarettes’ time. Dudes rock

detaching from thread, ok, I just didn't want to have to mourn more online buddies, it's been a rough few years

I just looked and @heurism hasn't posted in weeks, I hope they're okay, I miss my music buddy

the best part of heavy rain in the summer is being able to turn down the thermostat temporarily to like 72F while everything is cool outside

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