oh shit. oh fuck. it's uh bandcamp Friday. aaaaaaaaaaa

I need to check out some people on here and their pages.

Also you can always check out mine for and goodness


Ok peeps, I took the next step with

If you dig the works of mine that I've tooted around these parts, please consider subscribing to my and BandCamp.

For $15 USD **a year** you can have instant access to my entire catalog and everything new released along the way. In addition, I plan on releasing a few subscriber-only tracks here and there as well.

Your support helps me continue to secure excellent art and mixing/mastering for my releases. And overflow will go toward the "get the fuck out of the USA Midwest" goal of mine.

Thanks again for all the boosts, and toots, and everything else y'all do for me. It's <3'd.


I am really proud of this remix I did of a song off the upcoming release of mine. It's not proper mixed, but you can still see what I'm going for.

This is the updated version of "Divine Right (God Compels Me Remix)"

It'll be a few weeks before Blood and Blackouts hits BandCamp, but in the meantime, here is a nasty WIP remix I finished (sans mixing) tonight.

This is "Divine Right (God-Given Right Remix)"


And now, the Industrial version of the same song but I haven't spliced vocals in. This is also non-mixed.

This is "Iconoclast (Defile What Defiles You Remix)"

My next release will have vocals but in the meantime if you want heavy music to rage to, check out my and


I haven't added drums to this piece yet, but it sounds sick af in its current state.

Another remix of "Narcissus" this is "Narcissus (Crescendo Remix)"

Shameless self-promotion time.

Go listen to my and/or works:

Industrial sample follows. Rock!


Help a gal order some more heathcliff shit from the official Heathcliff shop; buy my BandCamp releases lol:


Here's a hilarious remix of my song, "Narcissus."

This is called "Narcissus (Bubble Remix)". It's a WIP because I haven't written vocals for the main version just yet because SHINY

Reminder that you can find happy heavy links to all of my and releases at:


And! If you like to see all the analytics in the world for your links, consider signing up for an InMost account ran by friendly @stux person :ablobdj:

how about another nasty remix in progress?

This is "Divine Right (God Compels Me Remix)"

Reminder, I humbly sell my music on but you don't have to buy it! DM me and I'll give you a code for the two releases that matter :bulbasaurroll:


more blood for the blood god

Off of the remixes album, this is "Jack (Violence Remix)"


For those of you wondering what music makes me groove, here is a track off my release, Fidelity. The next toot in this thread will be the / remix of the same song.


T-minus 3 hours to Friday! Wootwoot!

If you enjoy my and / , please consider dropping a coin on this most generous of days. I will see the full amount minus any cut that the payment processor takes. BandCamp itself does not take their usual 15% today.


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