oh shit. oh fuck. it's uh bandcamp Friday. aaaaaaaaaaa

I need to check out some people on here and their pages.

Also you can always check out mine for and goodness


According to YouTube this is the most streamed song off of B&B which is surprising to me because it’s the slowest and doomiest on the release.

This is “Unmarked Graves.”


I friend of mine linked his latest album for me to listen to and the first two tracks have absolutely slayed so far.


From the Blood and Blackouts release, here is a nasty song about people using religion as a justification for hate.


Blood and Blackouts is starting to hit streaming services! From that album, this is my favorite track: Narcissus


I've still got codes for my newest release on BandCamp. Reply to this if you want one. All I ask is if that you actually listen, and you like it, let me know and let a friend know.


how about another nasty remix in progress?

This is "Divine Right (God Compels Me Remix)"

Imagine this but higher quality stream over on Twitch!

(Yes, I need to cut the bass down a little bit, lol)

COME WATCH AS I [disgruntled Logic Pro noises] try to stream electronic nonsense [sad pac-man noises]


How about a nasty track from Flotsam and Jetsam for today's music rec?

From a newer release, this is the song "Demolition Man" by Flotsam and Jetsam.


here's an existing flamethrower while I work on composing a nasty little track to get the angst to fly away

From my remixes release, Infidelity, this is "Infidelity (Espresso Remix)"


more blood for the blood god

Off of the remixes album, this is "Jack (Violence Remix)"


Who wants codes for some bitchin’ by yours truly?

The remaster of Fidelity, creatively titled Re-Fidelity is pipin’ hot for your aural pleasure!

DM me and I’ll hook ya up~


Hey friends,

The reception to my debut release, Fidelity, has been so overwhelming, that I went and had the release properly remastered by someone who knows how to do these things well (aka not me). The remasters have arrived back in my hands and are now on my .

If you are reading this, you can have a code for a free download + streaming license for the album.

If you are boosting this, your following can have the same.

Codes for everyone.

In all seriousness, Nightmare Lyre of the band @NegativeOhio did a fantastic job and I want everyone to hear the difference they've made.


From my upcoming solo release of , here is a track that I wrote before the bullshit of this week, but that aptly applies to those in power that are trying to destroy us.

This song is called Malice.

Crank it.

Here's an instrumental version of the closer for my next full-length.

The song is called Narcissus. It's existed in some form since around 2002 or so, but this is the full realization of it.

Let me know what you think~

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