oh shit. oh fuck. it's uh bandcamp Friday. aaaaaaaaaaa

I need to check out some people on here and their pages.

Also you can always check out mine for and goodness


Time for another streaming link to a song off my album, Blood and Blackouts.

This is a nasty track called "Malice"


It’s been a great day. Double digits levels of people listened to the new album, many of which bought it, and people have been tooting and tweeting about it and I feel really loved right now.

Thanks headbangers!

For those of you still on the fence, listening is free, and if you want your own digital copy you can get the album for as little as a dollar!


Help a gal order some more heathcliff shit from the official Heathcliff shop; buy my BandCamp releases lol:


Reminder, I humbly sell my music on but you don't have to buy it! DM me and I'll give you a code for the two releases that matter :bulbasaurroll:


here's an existing flamethrower while I work on composing a nasty little track to get the angst to fly away

From my remixes release, Infidelity, this is "Infidelity (Espresso Remix)"


more blood for the blood god

Off of the remixes album, this is "Jack (Violence Remix)"


Who wants codes for some bitchin’ by yours truly?

The remaster of Fidelity, creatively titled Re-Fidelity is pipin’ hot for your aural pleasure!

DM me and I’ll hook ya up~


Hey friends,

The reception to my debut release, Fidelity, has been so overwhelming, that I went and had the release properly remastered by someone who knows how to do these things well (aka not me). The remasters have arrived back in my hands and are now on my .

If you are reading this, you can have a code for a free download + streaming license for the album.

If you are boosting this, your following can have the same.

Codes for everyone.

In all seriousness, Nightmare Lyre of the band @NegativeOhio did a fantastic job and I want everyone to hear the difference they've made.


I'm trying to get them to join Masto, but I just finished the new release by The Atomic Anomic, a band out of Texas iirc.

It was brutal. My ears are bleeding. But, I enjoyed it thoroughly.


From my upcoming solo release of , here is a track that I wrote before the bullshit of this week, but that aptly applies to those in power that are trying to destroy us.

This song is called Malice.

Crank it.

Here's an instrumental version of the closer for my next full-length.

The song is called Narcissus. It's existed in some form since around 2002 or so, but this is the full realization of it.

Let me know what you think~

For those of you wondering what music makes me groove, here is a track off my release, Fidelity. The next toot in this thread will be the / remix of the same song.


T-minus 3 hours to Friday! Wootwoot!

If you enjoy my and / , please consider dropping a coin on this most generous of days. I will see the full amount minus any cut that the payment processor takes. BandCamp itself does not take their usual 15% today.


Here's a music recommendation that my European friends are already more than aware of, at the very least when it comes to the man, the myth, the legend.

The former frontman of Accept, Udo Dirkschneider is an absolute legend in the European scene.

From a more recent release from him and the men in U.D.O, this is Rose in the Desert, off of the album Steelfactory.


Okay, time for todays recommendation.

Nergal's lyrics are certainly polarizing, but we cannot deny his influence on radical free speech, especially in Eastern Europe.

When we lose the ability to communicate, we cease to exist.

From the band, Behemoth, this is a nasty extreme song called Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer


Some good news, for once, my / album, Infidelity, is now available on most major streaming platforms, including Spotify!

See my link tree for all of your streaming desires:


I believe this is going to be the final track listing for the upcoming new full-length album, Blood and Blackouts, by yours truly. I'm working on lyrics for the final four non-instrumentals, but thematically I know what I want each to be about. The album is looking to be roughly 35 minutes long, comparable to the first release.

This upcoming full-length is a radical departure from the previous. Most songs will have lyrics and the average song is much less monolithic, clocking in around 3-4 minutes rather than the 6-10 minute average of songs on the first full-length.

It's gonna be brutal~

1. Absolution
2. Mania
3. Blood and Blackouts
4. Malice
5. Iconoclast
6. Divine Right
7. Unmarked Graves
8. Narcissus
9. Noitulosba

Current song names and track listing for the next full-length by yours truly. I need to add one or two more songs, of which I know which one(s) I'm targeting, but this release is going to be KILLER.

1. Absolution
2. Mania
3. Blood and Blackouts
4. Malice
5. Iconoclast
6. Divine Right
7. An Unmarked Grave
8. Noitulosba

In the meantime, check out my metal and industrial BandCamp for goodies and if you want, you can always ask me for a code for free streaming rights to said BandCamp albums - I'm not in this for the money


Here's a nasty, sorrowful song I've been working on with my 7-string.

Yes, I know it starts off clean, just give it time to develop~

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