i can’t decide which angelfloof to pick. My quest ends here

I wanted to thank you all for making my releases successes in my eyes. It still blows my mind that y’all have spent many hours with me~

I’m too tired to type out the hell evening I had so here’s a picture of me typing it out for someone else on hellsite

Reminder that Blood and Blackouts releases tonight around 12a Central US time.

Here’s the album art:

a bunch of us are having a spiritual experience over on discord/matrix right now thanks to @indiedee 's contributions to album art for my next two releases of which this is the first:

I have no idea what is going on anymore but I’m here for it

okay fediverse, time for me to tap into your nerd knowledge

Many of us in America are familiar with Nintendo Power magazine, and specifically the #1 god-awful looking Super Mario 2 cover.

A friend of mine has stumbled across a variant, that has "Free Sample Copy" in the star Mario is holding rather than "Free Poster Inside".

Does anyone have any background info on this variant? I suspect he's sitting on good money, possibly over $1,000 USD based on very few named-correctly and misnamed eBay auctions that commanded roughly that.

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