ok, today's food poll, this one should draw blood between y'all

we're gonna need a bigger bandage box for this poll, folks

the amount of bloodshed from this poll pleases the blood god and is very metal

One hour left in the poll. We’re at 54 votes and tied … yet again.

Fight for your choice of thin mints or s’mores!

@jessicakelly smores are hot and thin mints are cold. this has nothing to do with their qualities! "do you like campfires or hanging out at home?"

@jessicakelly like, actual campfire s'mores with toasted gooey marshmallows, or the packaged, stale, chewy smores they sell outside walmart

@grilledcat I'm intentionally vague on this. follow your heart

@jessicakelly I really like thin mints, but they're mostly "really good" due to forced scarcity. If they sold them year round they wouldn't have near the draw. Also, they're prepackaged and complete. S'mores you can buy the ingredients any time if year, and while they're normally a "camp fire" thing my wife and have started just making them in the toaster oven when we have the craving and it's such a decadent home made snack

@jessicakelly I LOVED Thin Mints in college, but no one makes a dairy-free and gluten-free version… besides, you only have a window of, like, ninety seconds to eat Thin Mints straight out of the freezer before they go from good to just okay. S'mores all the way

@jessicakelly ok so…I want to throw out the little-known trick of nibbling two tiny bits off the opposite ends of a thin mint, then drinking your milk of choice through the porous-ness of the cookie like a straw (weird but good, and the thing that puts thin mints over the top for me here)

@allyeg sounds legit aaaaaaaaaand the poll is still nearly tied

@allyeg @jessicakelly I'm betting if you figured out how to manufacture a thin mint straw you'd be a millionair.

@jessicakelly Thin mints but only if they're out of the freezer.

@Fredhead i am thoroughly enjoying watching this train wreck

@nulluhreins both contain chocolate. Thin mints have a minty taste and are generally served cold. S’mores have marshmallows and are generally served warm. People are apparently v opinionated about this choice.

@jessicakelly pro tip: if you like thin mints, grasshoppers (Keebler) are basically the same thing. Get your fix year-round

@jakeduhjake I love some Keebler products although the E.L Fudge cookies > all

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