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American listeners of Blood and Blackouts, would you be interested in a free CD of the release? If I get them printed, I’ll sell them at shipping cost but for domestic buyers only (I’m too lazy to deal with customs)

Only vote if you’ve heard the album

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Ok peeps, I took the next step with

If you dig the works of mine that I've tooted around these parts, please consider subscribing to my and BandCamp.

For $15 USD **a year** you can have instant access to my entire catalog and everything new released along the way. In addition, I plan on releasing a few subscriber-only tracks here and there as well.

Your support helps me continue to secure excellent art and mixing/mastering for my releases. And overflow will go toward the "get the fuck out of the USA Midwest" goal of mine.

Thanks again for all the boosts, and toots, and everything else y'all do for me. It's <3'd.

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Reminder that you can find happy heavy links to all of my and releases at:

And! If you like to see all the analytics in the world for your links, consider signing up for an InMost account ran by friendly @stux person :ablobdj:

Missed my morning window again…

g’afternoon apocalypse adversaries

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Please consider commissioning/buying art from me! :da_la:
The heatwave has made our electric bill fucking awful. We need about $200.

Any commissions aren't under the categories on my Ko-fi can be DMed to me to be discussed!

Request lewds, art (or otherwise wink), through my link tree links and/or my email!
Thanks! :da_la:



maybe I shouldn't play scratchers all night.

Here's another song off the Blood and Blackouts release. This one might actually have the lyrics rejected by Apple for, well, uh, not being very friendly toward organized religion. We'll see!

gosh I'm hours late to my morning greeting

g'afternoon aardvark adventurers

🎵I hate ‘cause you’re not me …

My God-given right
My God compels me 🎵

Time for another streaming link to a song off my album, Blood and Blackouts.

This is a nasty track called "Malice"

my hellsite feed is now all gnomes. i think I fucked up

Blood and Blackouts is starting to hit streaming services! From that album, this is my favorite track: Narcissus

oh shit, I lost that bandcamp link that @Bunnyblaster sent me oops

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Who are your favorite accounts you follow that post music regularly? Especially synth.

I wanted to thank you all for making my releases successes in my eyes. It still blows my mind that y’all have spent many hours with me~

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I capture potential lyrics as I drift to sleep. The mind in between waking and sleeping is a terrifying yet beautiful thing

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🎵Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the fairest of them all?
The government it must be said
Decide your fate and leave you dead 🎵

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