( I moved to rpverse, ada yang mau followan di sana mungkin? )

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Simply pose and kinda missing this moment. What do you think? Am i that good?

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Sorry public, bersedia baca sebentar? #

鉅鉅鉅Tadi ga sengaja liat postingan ini dan kayanya penting buat diketahui, khususnya kalangan roleplayer. Kalo ada yang mau translate ke bahasa juga boleh banget. Inti dari infonya itu jangan spam di public, karena ada fitur unlisted.

Okay, i think its my fault. Stupid nini.

( Sorry for using public.

This Jennie is lonely. Needs someone to talk. Any volunteer? Don't worry, i use both english and bahasa. Rt/boost or reply this and don't forget to follow me back, see ya! <3 ) 鉅

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