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饾憱饾憼 饾憵饾懄 饾憶饾憥饾憵饾憭.

seriously, please stop doing upfol, were not even on twitter????

noah fence, but can people stop spamming for followback geez its flooded the timeline. its not twitter guys, please stop doing up followers thingy here, will ya? and stop locking a username, whats the point of having a lot of accounts if you only used one.

@englishroleplayer shout out please? the name is kim jennie, or you might know her as blackpink's jennie. she is currently looking for some (hopefully long-term) friends. she offers for casual talk and good friendship. those who are interested, please leave a trace by drop something down below, a simple hello would be nice too!

if you're english or multilingual, please do check @englishroleplayer and shoot them a follow!

unfortunately, the feature that is not here is the ability to change the current username to a new one.

饾憱饾憼 饾憵饾懄 饾憶饾憥饾憵饾憭.

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