hi @englishroleplayer can you give me a shout out? i need more english speakers here and more jyp mates. thankyou

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okay guys jadi info dari @jeabeom bisa pakai twidere untuk app nya ya, katanya tampilannya sepeti twitter!

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guys please don't lock the @ okay be wise. we should have fun here

mastodon we can be like the real idol, these verified thing. make us more excited. lol

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gue kasian ma eugen. padahal semalem udah seneng dia mastodon rame. eh keluar rumor begitu. i mean why don't you be smart like use email rp i know kalian mafia email. don't trust anything fuss easily. there is no validation tho.

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Notes, there is no platform that 100% secure. Mastodon is not secure doesnt mean itll be less secure than twt🤧

@selfolrp hi base, I'm looking for more friends here especially JYP mates

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