i'm not a big fan of rock OR horror, why would i see this?

implied body horror? 

treasure these firsts, they only come around once


naked feet 

apropos of nothing i am spamming the TL with some shoegaze memes i made this evening

“why don’t u have ur pronouns in ur bio” ive decided 2 put em behind a paywall gimme $20 if u wanna know so bad

has anyone seen a queer/underground *techno* (either in the broad and/or specific connotations) gup.pe or other established space for that community round these parts? :meowRobot:

mental health 

cool cool, can we have a summer solstice now pls?

when i write the image alt-text describing a stupid shitpost i made, it feels a little like confessing, in detail, a crime that i have committed.

what if we kissed 🥺😩 while trying to figure out the mastodon tl together 😆😂 haha... unless? 🥰

just me asking the avocados in the kitchen "okay gang, who's a softboye today?"

happy solstice to my friends in the southern hemisphere anyway

is this truly the best we could do? we deserve so much better @queermemes@gup.pe

not that i ever have any idea what i am doing, but it's kinda fun to be a n00b

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