Hi folks! Being a newbie to Mastodon, I welcome all the help you have to offer. I'm looking for a way to ditch Facebook primarily, which I use to keep up with the goings on of my family and friends around the country. My wife and I have been the foster parents for two of our great grandkids for over a year now and use facebook to keep everyone posted on how they are doing. Would love to know how to find out which of my FB friends are on Mastodon. Nice to meet everyone!

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If my own experience is any prediction, it's probably going to require some personal hand-holding to get your family and friends on here. Be patient. Good luck!

@curt I think you are right. Mastodon is a bit intimidating to not-so-techy folks 😀

What is intimidating in the Fediverse is the amount of choice.

We choose an instance -- which may run Mastodon, Pleroma, etc. -- and then we choose how to access it -- web, mobile app, etc. -- and then we may have to make choices within those choices -- Tusky, Fedilab, etc.

If you want to get family and friends on board, you'll probably have to do a better job than I at making some or all of those choices for them. 😄

@curt Yep - freedom means nobody makes your choices for you, and social media has been making our choices for us for some time now...

@curt Well I know that just the few days I have been on Mastodon feels like a breath of fresh air to me. Maybe I can take that approach to woo them over 😀

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