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Hi folks! Being a newbie to Mastodon, I welcome all the help you have to offer. I'm looking for a way to ditch Facebook primarily, which I use to keep up with the goings on of my family and friends around the country. My wife and I have been the foster parents for two of our great grandkids for over a year now and use facebook to keep everyone posted on how they are doing. Would love to know how to find out which of my FB friends are on Mastodon. Nice to meet everyone!

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Yes missed this!!!! 3 days ago, 3 US Senators challenging FDA Commish Hahn about why he discouraged use of hydroxy for Wuhan flu, why he removed the unecessary-but- influential EUA for in hospital use, and why he denied the unecessary-but-influential EUA for early use outside hospital. They say "show us the data" and "show us where you did the responsible thing and corrected state administrators that they cannot interfere with docs' prescriptions". Johnson, Lee, Cruz.

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I should do an article comparing all the different Mastodon/fediverse apps (or a bunch of them) - what do people think?

Guy's, I just watched this. It was filmed over 50 years ago but it's like it came from today's news. Watch the whole thing. It's just a few minutes long. Prepare to have your eyes and ears opened!

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2. Ever since Obama took over the Dems, they've been on a hayride to hell.

Since 2008, at every level of power they've been in steady decline.

When it comes to Trump, the buffoon from Chicago & his thugs have been the 'brains' behind every failed scam. Trump/Russia, Ukraine, Antifa, it's the same useless team.

And now USPS.

Little wonder they're still screwing up.

The Dems are effectively sabotaging their own votes, with their own hoax. But they think they're winning.

Too funny.


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Anyone seen this? Chris Wallace pointing out that the Democrats aren't sending anyone out to appear on the major networks.

We have spoken a lot about the superiority complex of these loons. They genuinely believe that they are the most important people in history. Unaccountable and untouchable, morally pure and intellectually superior.

It's not just that they believe that they're entitled to power. They STILL THINK THEY'RE IN POWER.


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