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Big companies get big by hiring lots of people who aren’t very good at their jobs but can play the political game well enough to keep their direct manager happy and they in turn aren’t very good at their jobs so the system perpetuates itself in wave after wave of mediocrity.

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There are zero use cases for web3. Because it's all a scam.

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@thelinuxEXP@twitter.com What would be the point in being a millionaire if you had such a miserable group of friends that only talked about money and business

It's funny too how all the "7 figures by 30" guys seem to have a prerequisite of having at least middle class/well off parents to even achieve it

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Do you have Codeberg account?


Please boost if you are a programmer.

#GiveUpGithub #Codeberg #Programming

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Welp, didn’t take long for DALL-E to pivot to paid model and DOR has summed up pretty succinctly how that’s a problem

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I have literally waited all my life for this moment...

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Dear world: Stop saying masking "is a personal choice." Your lack of masking affects me, it affects your community & has a ripple effect on those around you. It is the opposite of personal.

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Fun fact: the founder of Artix Linux claims that COVID is a hoax and that there is no pandemic.
Mmmh, I don't think I'll switch to Artix Linux

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Visiting the USA from South Korea and let me ask you WHERE ARE YOUR MASKS? Holy moly. Death wish nation.

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is trending now, which is great! But what is wrong with Zig community (ies)? The decentralisation itself means lots of independent "project listings", some of them integrated with project/dependencies management, but all of them cater only to their author(s) ideas.

One of them isn't even interested in project/docs links! a git repo is everything they handle

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Going to go back in time to throw a copy of ECMAScript 6n and Node.js at Brendan Eich and say "for the love of God, use LUa instead, you monster".

Then going back in time to have someone else implement Lua in the browser because I'm sure his programmer hubris will somehow think that's a good thing and make it worse.

And then going back in time to save the Library of Alexandria. Because Reasons.

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@jkup@twitter.com Something you'd never do on a job.

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Russia has a hunger plan. Vladimir Putin is preparing to starve much of the developing world as the next stage in his war in Europe. 1/16

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I’ve been saying exactly this.

If you truly want to “bank the unbanked”, look to what UPI did in India, Pix in Brazil, M-Pesa in Africa - all in a few short years.

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Software Freedom Conservancy is a nonprofit organization centered around ethical technology. They recently quits GitHub citing various ethical reasons including "Copilot": Give Up GitHub: The Time Has Come!
sfconservancy.org/blog/2022/ju What do you think? Are you sticking with GitHub?

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COVID isn’t over and no amount of mass gaslighting will change that

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