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Of course, if you've only run into it in programming, you might not realise that "vector" is mathematical term and what's called vector in programming is just numerical (n-dimensional) representation of it. [Cf. Merriam-Webster:"a quantity that has magnitude and direction and that is commonly represented by a directed line segment whose length represents the magnitude and whose orientation in space represents the direction"]

Which came first, gay marriage or gay divorce?

US pol 

Who knew that "shithole countries" was also projection?

i'm an ally, you can tell bc i always say so around my liberal friends just not around my conservative friends bc i don't want politics to get in the way y'know, but i'm totally an ally for sure

Do you also get a cough every time you hear symptoms of coronavirus?


How does Hitler get home after night in the opera? Hailing a taxi.

First Rule of First Contact: Don't Pick a Fight with a Civilization Above You in Kardashev Scale. Second Rule of First Contact: You DO NOT PICK A FIGHT with a Civilization Above You in Kardashev Scale.

I had a dream that I bought newest 12th edition of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs in hardcover and was very disappointed when I woke up.

A company like Apple, but instead of a phone it announces every year a new, more exclusive series of stock.

Oil billionaire hides from corona virus in his bunker and drowns in his own shit when flooding caused by climate change overflows his sewers.


in the way that feminism has allowed women to expand the ways in which it is possible to be a woman, we need to also use it to expand the ways of being a man. i think the appeal of people like jordan peterson is that young men feel alienated by their inability to achieve masculinity and their reaction is to, well, become reactionary instead of looking for another way

Dawkins, New Atheism 

Imagine rocking up in full on coloniser mode to destroy someone's way of life without even offering salvation through Jesus H Christ as a consolation prize.

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