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by posting we can pursue the Magnum Opus

Surely, the Perfect Take is as beautiful as the philosophers stone, and as desirable

Shoving an entire bottle of windex up my ass. Completely immune to covid now

someone should make kevlar and plate carriers for horses. i wanna see saddlebags for like an RPG-7 and grenades

sad catgirl posting: she wants attention and im exercising

Halberd advantages:
keep enemy at a distance
You look super cool when standing guard
Effective when used alongside your bros, who also have halberds
Axe and a spear in one
Roast food over an open fire easily

Halberd disadvantages:
none I know of

do you think bullets are gun cum or gun piss?

the first recorded mention of cats in Japan,

by the teenage emperor of the time, 9th century

uncaptioned text

one of the most important things I've learned as a queer adult is how to be frustrated with people without it meaning I hate or dislike them. Everyone I know does little shit that bothers me, or sometimes acts awful due to trauma/coping mechanisms/etc, learning how to be genuinely annoyed or frustrated or hurt without turning it into "and thus I condemn and judge you", rather just sometimes being annoyed and then moving on cause ya love people and we're all growing, is good

if we had a well-organized left in the US we would be mailing jeff bezos bottles of piss as we speak

There's two reasons American people may be getting into anti-civ thought -

climate change is making daily life worse even as politicians in the USA refuse to address it, and if civilization in particular is responsible for anything it's fucking the environment,


Just plain old sour grapes. we're falling behind in the race for biggest, best, most advanced society, and thus more willing to listen to the people who told us science and technology was a sham all along

The good things on tumblr are
a) verbose weirdos who do deep dives on lesbian literature or history or other text-heavy posts
b) the surprisingly large # of people posting their porn on there

i'm going to go ahead and say the funniest thing about this is presenting r/traa and 4chan as the opposite ends of a spectrum and not adjacent

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the x-men have wolverine. what does harry potter have? dobby? fuck off

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you, a capitalist pig dog: here are 10000 charts and graphs explaining how cutting the marginal tax rate will eventually trickle down and make everyone richer

me, an economics genius: just give people money lmao

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pretty funny that we're living in such upside down times of economic ideology that people are shocked the government handing out free money to people made the poverty rate go down

who could have foreseen that a society that spends decades systematically undermining the credibility of its public institutions would eventually be afflicted by a huge population of ungovernable reactionaries who go out of their way to act in a manner contrary to the common good

reminder that Atlanta's traffic is so uniquely terrible because its train system is woefully inadequate, which in turn is true because suburban white people have repeatedly blocked it's expansion for expressly racist reasons

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