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7 pm, Mullaperiyar reservoir reached a level of 136.95 ft, look at how the inflows are coming to the dam since 9 am, 22nd October

IMD radar @ 6 pm heavy rainfall alert Ernakulam, Thrissur, Idukki, Kottayam, pathanamthitta districts

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2019 & now 2021 are a walk up call for the State to have relook at the facts rather than holding onto the perceptions and shrinking every debate to mere binaries especially on esoteric pheomenons!

If we still refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room, nothing to offer :(

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This is an article published in during 2018 floods while a deluge got coloured with short sighted politics

Brave for stood like a rock behind this feature though it was not palatable to the!

Also understand that cyclone prediction, tropical storms and cloud burst are not the SAME!

Cyclone is the only phenomenon we can predict with 95% accuracy but others are still remain as an enigma!

At least learn these basic facts before making NOISE

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"We hope the IMD will now have a well equipped, state-of-the-art weather forecasting system by 2008," then Union Minister Kapil Sibal said in the Parliament in 31/07/ 2006

We travelled 15 years after that

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Our region often suddenly displays erratic behaviour as compared to the extra tropical regions, which are characterised by weather systems displaying systematic development and movement.

Hence weather forecasting in our country is different and more difficult!

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Even their radar based 3 hour advance forecast, which is much fairly accuracy that 5 days forecast, failed to capture the recent short duration extreme rainfall events in Kerala.

So is it a problem of IMD? or anyone able to forecast tropical weather with a reasonable accuracy

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IMD has WRF, GFS and then they have an ensemble model (NGFS), which is a 21 member ensemble.

Even then they are not able to give us 5 days advance forecast!

Most of the time their forecast goes tangential


Anathode spillway of Kakki reservoir releases water to downstream as a precautionary measure

In Kerala everything is a controversy!

If you conserve water, you are accused of greed, if you take a proactive action of an early release you will be blamed for wasting crores!

We lost the ability to undestand the nuances!

Sad & depressing fall as a society!

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As some people are making a noise of power generation loss about our considered decision to spill some water.

When you anticipate Rs.2000/- you got Rs.10,000 & if you take an insurance for Rs.100, do you treat it as a loss?

After all we kept public safety at high pedestal

Idukki Spill is now reduced to 40 cumecs from present 100 cumecs considering the downgrade of alert.

Instead of 3 shutters at 35 cms each, now single shutter at 45 cm.

Idamalayar and Pamba reservoirs will be completely closed.

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As no more alert for Idukki and Pathanamthitta, the following modifications will be done

Kakki reservoir

Gate no.2 and Gate 3, lowered to 30cm at 1PM.

The total spill from 1PM, will be 48cumecs from existing 96 cumecs

Counter Point Debate in Malayala Manorama on Kerala's Big Dams Opening, where I have explained why we are doing that.

Link is here, it is debate

My interview with Media One Channel on the nuances of the reservoir operations. Hope I made it to the most simplest of the terms possible

This time we are creating some additional room in these reservoirs by moderate releases before the forecasted rain struck us.

Flow regime of the river downstream is monitored at several check points by KSEBL, IRRIGATION & CWC

We have a professional monitoring system in place

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