With 720 positive cases detected today, Kerala's total cases reach almost 14K, exact figure is 13994.

Cases are now doubling in 11 days, from 6950 on July 10th, today it reached 13944

Out of 720, local transmission is 528 cases, ie, 73.3%.

Last week onwards for the first time, there is a huge surge in the local transmission, untraceable cases, large scale of infection of health workers...system is severely tested!

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I divide Kerala's story to 3 time slots.

30/01 to 7/03 (37 days) - 3 cases, with zero deaths.

8/03 to 3/05 (57 days) - 497 cases with 39 as max dly case and only 3 deaths.

4/05 to till date (79 days) - 13493 cases with 821 as max daily case and seen 42 deaths

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The capital city Thiruvananthapuram remains the epicenter of the pandemic with 2179 active cases.

Today also TVM has 151 cases, 21% of the total cases reported is from Kerala.

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