94 cases today reported from Kerala,

47 from abroad, 37 from other States & 7 local transmission

Today 3 deaths, really worrying is that total deaths now reached 14

Total confirmed cases reached 1588 cases.

Total active cases now: 884

Look at this statistics of deaths


Total confirmed cases: 690
Deaths: 3

Mortality rate: 0.4%


Total confirmed cases: 1588
Deaths: 14

Mortality rate: 0.88%

But why this is worrying, look how things changed in last 2 weeks!

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Change in confirmed cases between 21/05 to 4/06:

1588-690 = 898 cases

Change in deaths between 21/05 to 4/06:

14-3 = 11 cases

Change in mortality rate in the last 2 weeks:

11÷898 = 1.22%

Means 3 times increase in mortality rate n 2 weeks

@jamewils what would be a number from which things could get out of hand, assuming the increase is still 3x

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