We have now here ๐Ÿ‘‡

gets richer!

ยท ยท Tusky ยท 8 ยท 65 ยท 45

@jamewils Hello @Scroll @thewire @thequint @thecaravanindia @LiveLawIndia @medianama @nationalherald WHY ARE NONE OF YOU USING THE FOUR VERIFIED LINKS IN YOUR PROFILES? Do it already. Will make profile more credible, plus lets you showcase your links!!!

(see my profile and the green links for reference - ping if you can't figure out)

@jamewils @Scroll @thewire @thequint @thecaravanindia @LiveLawIndia @medianama @nationalherald have followed them all from day 1, hopefully you can make/ask moneylife foundation/sucheta dalal to also come here. That would be nice to also have .

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