A on various news articles about Indian Twitteratti migrating to .

It will be interesting for @Gargron

Twitter in India: Why was rival Mastodon trending?

Some of India's most influential Twitter users are looking to move to little-known network Mastodon amid an outcry over Twitter moderation methods.


Amid an allegation of caste-based bias and content moderation against Twitter, many Indians are now looking at its lesser know rival, Mastodon. In fact, Mastodon was among the top Twitter trends as people announced their new accounts, while encouraging others to do the same.


Many Indians are moving to Mastodon from Twitter: Why, what is Mastodon and how it works

Twitter recently suspended the account of Supreme court lawyer Sanjay Hegde following which many users began joining Mastodon.

India Today

As outrage over Twitter India's alleged bias grows, journalists and activists 'migrate' to Mastodon: How to join this open source micro-blogging site

With suspensions and ineffectiveness to deal with Twitter trolls, Mastodon is gaining popularity in India.

First Post

Mastodon: What Is It and Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

Twitter users started moving to Mastodon after SC lawyer Sanjay Hegde’s Nazi-related tweets were blocked. It is only one amongst several reasons.

Gadgets Now (NDTV)

A little known social network, called Mastodon, has been trending in India for the past few days. According to Google Trends data, search interest around the social network saw a sudden spike between 6 November and 8 November.

Live Mint

Twitter faced a deluge of migration from Indian users to Mastodon Social, an open-source social media site which has a strikingly similar interface to the former

Hindustan Times

There is a mass migration taking place from Twitter to a new open-source platform Mastodon, as several users of micro-blogging site are unhappy with Twitter’s policy on suspensions and verifications of accounts.

The News Minute

Explained: Why Indian Twitter users have taken a liking to Mastodon

Indian Twitter users might have just discovered Mastodon, but it was launched back in 2016 by @Gargron and briefly went viral in mid-2017.

Indian Express

Mastodon is basically an open source alternative, similar to Twitter, where tweets are called toots. The USP of Mastodon is that it is open source and not owned by any private corporation.

Also, there is no concept of ads on the platform.

Times of India

Over the past couple of days, several Twitter users from India migrated to Mastodon, a social networking service, to protest the micro-blogging site’s decision to suspend or restrict accounts of voices critical to the ruling dispensation in India. Mastodon has a layout similar to Twitter but claims to differ on several counts.

Mumbai Mirror

'Better, No Trolls': Why Some Indians Are Boycotting Twitter And Switching To Mastodon

All you need to know about the lesser-known platform Mastodon and why it is relevant in the controversy that Twitter India is facing.


Mastodon — the social networking site Indians, angry with Twitter, are moving to

Many Indian Twitter users have signed up for Mastodon after accusing the former of bias for suspending lawyer Sanjay Hegde's account.

The Print

Mastodon is, for many, a new term that surfaced on Twitter in the past week. A social media platform positioning itself as an alternative to Twitter, Mastodon has seen quite a few Indians join it recently, including AltNews founder Pratik Sinha, journalist Shivam Vij, author Nilanjana Roy, activist Kavitha Krishnan, musician Vishal Dadlani, and most notably, Supreme Court lawyer Sanjay Hegde.

Deccan Herald

@tachyons I have not seen him here, asked him. Will let you know:)

@jamewils The digital world has a rich history of many migrations -- once famous Orkut giving way to Facebook, Linux taking over as the favourite Desktop OS from Windows, AOL chat and Yahoo chat losing their importance to the new age social media platforms. The open source and free software movements played a vital role. Let the (r)evolution continue...

Trolls r losers in a fair play. I don't think they r the reason for twitter india's current problem. It is most obviously Twitter's policy of sellout. People were looking for alternatives and once available, jumped.

BTW trolls will always find their way in mastodon too. But here they will not be effective due to fair moderation. And i am sure u guys r much better placed here to take on everyone.

It will b greatly helpful if this instance admin or other concerned puts up info on

*how mastodon is difft from twitter

*Policy reg disclosures to govt shd they demand it

*What threat perception mastodon has on privacy issues- what happened at twitter (info theft for saudi authorities) cd happen anywhere especially at mastodon.

*privacy security n responsible moderation r 2 of biggest usp of mastodon. If we can harp on these 2 points on Twitter, that will expedite the exodus.

@jamewils mainstream media channels noticing is good thing for publicity. The tribe of close to half a million already. But needs to go to trend of millions for it to get serious weight

@navneetmathur @jamewils I believe about 25,000 people migrated from Twitter to Mastodon in the last few days. I hope all of these folks will make Mastodon their primary. That would make even more come over.

@ahalam @jamewils

Yes, all of us need to play a part in sustaining the user growth. Get our friends first and move a sizable chunk out of twitter in India. Rest of the world will follow

@jamewils I am very new to #mastadon yet to explore. Bit different, confusing will take sometime to get used to it, build followers. Conceptually decentralised servers can users create, can explode and has potential to beat @twitter

@jamewils @Gargron Twitter is rn filled with hate and politics. It's boring and funny stuff is not what people want

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