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I connected my and through cross posting.

So whatever I post in either of the places are available at both.

This is for the time being & in future, I will disconnect them.

Just like I left many years back due to its creepy nature, I think I may leave for its toxicity and undemocratic policies.

Social media helps you to connect with sensible people with diverse backgrounds but if its became toxic, we should try detoxification!

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Especially with the recent changes in the management of it behaves in a very divisive manner.

They started hunting sane and liberal voices using the ploy of policies!

Those policies align with the venom spotted by Madhu Kishwars and Dr. Pradhans & hate hashtags!

Show thread's explanation on their discriminatory policies is one of the depressing justifications I seen on recent times.

For internationally acclaimed picture defying Nazi salute is nothing but depicting hateful imagery!

I don't know whether laugh or cry!

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Of course, joining is little confusing for the non-tech savy people.

They are confused with the "instances" and "apps" to choose!

Understand that Mastodon is not a platform but a protocol to connect in Fediverse. So dont look for legacy apps here!

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Many of my friends here using iPhone says that "Amaroq for Mastodon" is one of the neat apps in iOS

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The New Social Network Dodging Government Surveillance—and Nazis

The founder of Mastodon is trying to build a social universe that can push back against data collection and white supremacists alike.

Read this to understand the nuances!

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Listen this video though it is little lengthy.

A closer look at Mastodon, the Twitter Killer!

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A non-computer-person’s guide to how Mastodon instances work

What to know about how it works before you sign up for it

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Let me help you choose an instance

This link will ask you a few questions about your needs, then this will show you instances that best suit.

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Mastodon is like Twitter, but federated and based on open protocols.

This blog post by explains what that means and what it is like to use Mastodon.

It also gives tips for using it.

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@jamewils Same, I also left facebook a year ago and joined twitter some months ago and now I'm here....

@jamewils I only have Facebook for its' groups. There are a couple of charity groups i'm involved in, and hard to convince people to move away from it :)

@jamewils boosting is not retooting. There is another button

@jamewils I wanna know what tool you used to make that picture.

@jamewils dang, wish there was a foss alternative to it, looks cool. Hopefully somebody makes one which can be compiled in Debian. Let me know if you see a repo. or something, I could give it a try.

@jamewils There’s no English option here in language preferences. Which instance also you recommend?

Thanks! That made it a bit less confusing out here😀


It almost looked like they were Nazis who were offended by the pic!!

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