Twitter emerges as a top threat to democracy in India and across the world

The case of Sanjay Hegde is a turning point, making it clear that Twitter is aligning with authoritarian regimes that target dissenters.

@DilliDurAst writes

@jamewils @DilliDurAst Do not exclude Facebook & WhatsApp from the threat list please, they are as greater a threat to democracy as is Twitter.

@jamewils unfortunate but true! Twitter is kind of going against its own principles. This is a platform that celebrated /supported the Arab Spring & Egyptian revolt. Look at it now. @DilliDurAst

@jamewils @DilliDurAst twitter after all has its own business interest to protect in India and can't afford to displease the Supreme Leader who's crossed all the limits of pettiness!!!

@jamewils @DilliDurAst can you explore on the shareholding structure of Twiiter and also it's Board. How are they connected to Indian industrialists?

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