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As promised, here is my on on popular demand.

I am trying my best to talk on layman language, avoiding too much of technical jargons, so that I can tell you what is this new social media service, how to join, choice of apps, etc.

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A on various news articles about Indian Twitteratti migrating to .

It will be interesting for @Gargron

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*Tusky Tips*

If you are using Tusky in Android, by default, the DM tab will not be activated.

To activate the DM tab, please go to Account preferences, then click on tabs, then add (+)...

So you can find DM tab there

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3 years back our Emperor started his crazy experiments with economy by demonetising 86% of the currency notes!

Rest is history!

It was also an experiment to see how much we are conditioned to mutely surrender when our civil liberties and rights are taken away!

IMD declared a deep depression in Southern end of Bay of Bengal and it further complicates our reservoir management throwing uncertainty

I talked with here about how the erratic extreme rainfall & the uncertainty of weather predictions stretch the dam managers and the enormous challenge we face to balance safety and necessity..

dam, the present level is 138.05 feet, see how the inflow and water levels are changing in the reservoir.

Nothing in life is entirely risk free, and indeed science cannot demonstrate freedom from risk, particularly from as yet known risks, because ‘absence of evidence’ is not ‘evidence of absence’!

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There are situations where engineers may disagree with one another. Some experts may consider the condition of a dam to be marginally safer than what others say it is. But nature has its own way, and experts’ expectations and calculations may go awry.

No orange alert for any districts of Kerala for next 5 days.

No cyclogenic activities expected for next 120 hours.

All major reservoirs of KSEBL are well below URL.

Considering these, State Rule Level Committe permitted to close spillway of Idukki & Kakki reservoirs.

Engineering stalwarts like U. Ananda Rao of TN, Kuttiyammu of KER, Sreedhara Menon KSEB and P.H. Vaidhyanathan of Kerala PWD were the men behind this amazing project

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3 CM level meetings between Kerala & Tamil Nadu with the persuasion & blessings by Pandit Nehru paved way to iron out the differences.

EMS & Kamaraj - 1958
Pattom Thanupillai & C. Subramaniam - 1960
EMS & Karunanidhi - 1969

Never ever forget the role of V.R. Krishna Iyer too

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Finally downloaded to my Zenbook, looks cool, heard that the android apps integration may take some more time. I am looking forward to it, as I am a person who use extensively samsung notes and noteshelf.

The above line diagram will give u some broad idea about this project conceputalised in 1960s, which is still considered as an archetype for the concept of interlinking of projects, now being mooted by Government of India

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The space restriction of the edit page of is not permitting even to give a brief description of this complex engineering marvel. It is ripe for a long form article :)

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Parambikulam Aliyar Project is a complex system involves 3 river basins with 10 big & small reservoirs, 2 wires, an interconnect system of 50 km length with contour canal & tunnels, 8 HE Projects with more than 655 MW.

The project itself an engineering marvel

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PAP Agreement is hailed as a landmark one of interstate cooperation between Kerala & Tamil Nadu

Why the review of it remains inconclusive and what is the way forward? Here me and Dr. Ashok, CMD KSEBL examines in edit page

update, the water level is steady for last 7 hours at 137.60 ft, since morning 5.00 am.

Inflow and outflow are now same and the reservoir is stabilised and stopped building up for the time being.

Here is the link to the Media One Debate on

Yep, Adv. Russel Joy is also there.

Please watch it 👇

Whether there is any need to panic about ?

My take on the subject 👇

In Manorama News, Counter Point with Shani Prabhakar

Mullaperiyar reservoir at 137.20 ft and the inflow is getting stabilized and the reservoir is almost steady since 5am.

But the weather is in a flux that is little bit of concern considering the historical floods of this basin.

Mullaperiyar now touched 137 ft at 9 pm with an inflow of 5700 cusecs while TN drawing 2200 cusecs (maximum)

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