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As promised, here is my on on popular demand.

I am trying my best to talk on layman language, avoiding too much of technical jargons, so that I can tell you what is this new social media service, how to join, choice of apps, etc.

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A on various news articles about Indian Twitteratti migrating to .

It will be interesting for @Gargron

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*Tusky Tips*

If you are using Tusky in Android, by default, the DM tab will not be activated.

To activate the DM tab, please go to Account preferences, then click on tabs, then add (+)...

So you can find DM tab there

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3 years back our Emperor started his crazy experiments with economy by demonetising 86% of the currency notes!

Rest is history!

It was also an experiment to see how much we are conditioned to mutely surrender when our civil liberties and rights are taken away!

Click here in 500px, you can see some of the best photographs clicked by me.

Then my Instagram ID is "jameeclicks".

Feel free to follow me there for my clicks

Reema is ……….sorry for , hope she will pardon me ;)

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this LEMON YELLOW page in Instagram, it is exhibiting Reema Narendran's beautiful painting.

Reema was a national award winning jouralist of New Indian Express, who quit her that career & perused her passion.

Bangladesh's GDP: Why PM Modi Needs to Pay Attention to Comparisons Showing India in Bad Light debates

This water will reach Triveni of Sabarimala Shrine within 3 hours after release from spillway.

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KSEBL's Kakki reservoir's spillway in Anathode dam was opened today. One shutter raised for a feet and discharging 15 cumecs to Pamba river, which will not create only marginal rise of less than 10 cm in river

How reliable is this seller?

I am planning to buy an Asus Zenbook from them. Hence the QN.

Kerala's total death count crossed 1000 today.

Total deaths: 1003
Today's death: 25
Death per million is 28.4

Every single anna is accounted and heavily bargained between Travancore and Madras...

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Here Pennycuick himself advance his case for his deputation to England to select the machinery needed to construct the Mullaperiyar Dam

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Every single penny spent on Mullaperiyar Dam is accounted and formed part of the project closure report on Mullaperiyar available at National Archives, New Delhi.

Neither Mackenzie nor Pennycuick in their written memoirs on Mullaperiyar Dam speaking about selling properties!

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Pennycuick was a maverick engineer, who stood for the things he believed. He fought relentlessly with his superiors to invest in Mullaperiyar Dam.

His design of the dam was cross checked by none other than Rankine and Molesworth. It is a fascinating history.

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This is what actually happened, Lt. Colonel Pennycuick was deputed by his Government to proceed to England to select the machinery for building Mullaperiyar dam. His trip to England pave way to a myth that John Pennycuick sold his property and start building dam

The IMA clarified that science “demands” two things. 

First, as listed in the release, is “reproducibility of a claim elsewhere in non-conflict situations”. 

Another important scientific parameter mentioned by the IMA is “double-blind control studies”

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The association, which is the apex lobby of 3.5 lakh doctors in the country, demanded that “the Union health minister should come clean” on the questions. 

“If not, he is inflicting a fraud on the nation and gullible patients by calling placebos as drugs,” it said.

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‘How many of his ministerial colleagues have so far got treated under AYUSH protocols?’

‘What is stopping him from handing over Covid care and control to the AYUSH ministry (from his own health ministry?’

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Questioning the health minister’s move to promote alternative medicines for Covid patients, IMA says he is ‘inflicting a fraud on nation & gullible patients by calling placebos as drugs’.

Of 108,025 reported kidnappings last year, 84,921 were women - 55,370 being young girls and children.

And the state holds an unbeatable record by laying claim to 14.7 per cent of all crimes against women.

Bisht's UP 👹

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