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As promised, here is my on on popular demand.

I am trying my best to talk on layman language, avoiding too much of technical jargons, so that I can tell you what is this new social media service, how to join, choice of apps, etc.

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A on various news articles about Indian Twitteratti migrating to .

It will be interesting for @Gargron

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*Tusky Tips*

If you are using Tusky in Android, by default, the DM tab will not be activated.

To activate the DM tab, please go to Account preferences, then click on tabs, then add (+)...

So you can find DM tab there

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3 years back our Emperor started his crazy experiments with economy by demonetising 86% of the currency notes!

Rest is history!

It was also an experiment to see how much we are conditioned to mutely surrender when our civil liberties and rights are taken away!

Comic Munawar Faruqui's continued bullying shows how the mob has captured India’s justice system

Facts matter little as the majoritarian mob, police and courts collaborate to target an artist for his minority identity.

Right to free vaccine — a constitutional mandate

The Government of India’s moral, international and legal obligations make it imperative that COVID-19 vaccines are free and universal.

Norway expressed increasing concern about the safety of the Pfizer Inc. vaccine on elderly people with serious underlying health conditions after raising an estimate of the number who died after receiving inoculations to 29.

Found out two, running same praise song! It looks like even the headlines are decided by IT cell

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Telegraph put this on front page, what about the rest? Are they elated suckers?

Worse, the deaths are sought to be exploited for scoring professional, if not commercial, bragging points.

“This attack we have won like crazy,” Goswami boasts.

The day & time suggest the reference is to the Pulwama massacre in which 40 CRPF jawans were blown up.

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The picture that emerges from the court of the Emperor Without Clothes is not pretty: it shows a blood-sucking, wheeling-dealing chummy club that treats the massacre of soldiers on tour of duty with utter disdain.

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They rain fire and brimstone from the patriotism pulpit, trembling and tearing up at the very thought of a wayward glance being cast on Bharat Mata.

They are almost always in whites, the perpetual campaigners on one election trail or the other

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They rain fire and brimstone from the patriotism pulpit, shaking and choking in righteous indignation at the violators of the Nation and chewing them up.

They are almost always in suits, the enfants terribles of television.

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How we were turned into a nation of elated suckers

Chats suggest that Pulwama massacre made Mr Righteous Indignation of TV whoop ‘this attack we have won like crazy’, and the government smelt a chance to make Indians feel ‘elated’ before the polls

Despite promotional efforts by Union health ministry and Delhi govt, 32 out of 103 listed people in Lok Nayak Hospital, 34 of 103 in RML hospital, 38 out of 102 at GTB Hosp turned up for vaccination

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Waiting for Smitha WhatsApp leaks to know ANI sets every drama 😉

‘A majority of us do not want to be guinea pigs. Most of us have decided to wait, though we all gave our names,” said a health worker at AIIMS

Modiji wants to turn India's health workers as Guinea pigs, but they refuse to dance with

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